Meet Shradha khapra: From a small village to Microsoft, now the founder of her own edtech company

Inspiring story of Shradha Khapra

Shradha Khapra, also known as ‘Shraddha Bhabhi’ and ‘Microsoft Wali Didi,’ is a well-known educator, content creator, coding teacher, and YouTuber.

Originally from a small village in Haryana, Shradha took a bold step by leaving her job at Microsoft to follow her passion for education. She is the co-founder of Apna College, an online EdTech platform providing coding education.

This blog post explores Shradha’s inspiring journey from her humble village beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur and influencer.

Her story highlights the significant impact someone from a tiny village can have in the fields of technology and education.

Shraddha Khapra: Early Life and Education

Shraddha Khapra was born on August 1, 2000, so she’s around 23 years old.

She holds the distinction of being the first engineer from her village, a small place in Haryana.

Due to the lack of quality educational institutions in her hometown, Shraddha completed her schooling at “Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidyalaya” in Delhi. She was an excellent performer in her studies from the beginning days of school, securing 10 CGPA in 10th and 94.4% in 12th standard.

After completing her 12th grade, Shraddha successfully cracked the engineering entrance exam and got admitted to “Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology” in Delhi in 2017, where she chose to study computer science engineering.

She earned an impressive grade of 8.8 during her time at the institute.

Shraddha Khapra Profesional Career

Shradha’s professional journey is a testament to her continuous growth and diverse experiences, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the field of technology.

The journey began in 2019 when Shradha served as a Research Trainee at INMAS, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Delhi, India.

During this internship, she delved into the realms of Machine Learning and Neural Networks, working with extensive datasets comprising over 4 million points.

Building on her foundational experience, Shradha embarked on an internship at Microsoft in 2019 as a Software Engineer Intern in Hyderabad, India.

In 2020, Shradha extended her expertise to Google, participating in the Software Product Sprint, an exclusive Google invite-only student program.

In this remote role based in India, she worked on a development-based team project focusing on Java and Graph Algorithms.

Continuing her journey at Microsoft, Shradha again took on a Software Engineer Intern role in 2020 in her final year of college, gaining valuable experience in the Azure Team.

Her role included working with Linux OS, Go, Shell Scripts, and System Design.

Stepping into the realm of full-time employment, Shradha became a Software Engineer at Microsoft in 2021, further solidifying her skills and contributing to projects in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Birth Of Apna College

After completing her studies in July 2021, Shraddha secured a position as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Subsequently, she resigned from her role as a Software Engineer at Microsoft to pursue her passion for education. Aman Dhattarwal, who initiated Apna College as a YouTube channel on Aug 5, 2020, is now her husband.

After some time, she joined Apna College and became a co-founder. Currently, Shraddha is actively involved in overseeing the majority of responsibilities at Apna College.

At Apna College, students learn effective coding and comprehensive placement preparation.

Shradha khapra and Aman dhattarwal

Shraddha Khapra Net Worth

Shradha Khapra, a well-known teacher, has a net worth of around 3 crores INR.

She makes this money from her YouTube channel, Apna College, where she teaches about coding and technology.


Shradha Khapra is really awesome! She has done so many cool things at a young age and is a big inspiration for students in India who want to learn coding.

Besides being super smart, she’s also a great partner, sister, daughter, and friend. Shradha’s story tells us that if you work hard, stay focused, and have a clear goal, you can be successful and happy.

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FAQ Related To Shradha Khapra

Q.1) What inspired shradha khapra to become an educator?

She noticed that many Indian students don’t get the right guidance to enter the tech world. They worry about missing out, thinking if they can’t get into IIT or NIT, they won’t do well in tech.

While working at Microsoft, she met tech fans who started coding early, thanks to equal opportunities in school.

But in India, not everyone gets the same chances. Most Indian students don’t learn about coding until college.

Seeing this gap, she quit her job to teach.

She shared her knowledge in coding and tech, inspiring many tech enthusiasts. Shradha’s teaching made a big impact, helping students learn and grow in tech.

Her passion for teaching and making a positive difference in students’ lives keeps her going as an educator.

Q.2) Who is the husband of Shradha Khapra?

Aman Dhattarwal and Shraddha Khapra

The husband of Shradha Khapra is Aman Dhattarwal.

Q.3) What was Shradha Khapra’s salary at Microsoft?

Shradha Khapra had an initial annual salary package of 43 lakhs when she worked at Microsoft.

Q.4) Is shradha khapra an iitian?

No, Shradha Khapra is not an IITian. She pursued computer engineering from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT), not from an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Q.5) Is shradha khapra married?

Yes, she is married to Aman Dhattarwal.

Q.6) What is shradha khapra marriage date?

Shraddha Khapra and Aman got engaged on February 21, 2023, and Shraddha Khapra married Aman Dhattarwal on March 30, 2023.

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