Meet Harini Shivakumar: From homemaker to a 200 crore brand

Success story of Harini Shivakumar

Harini Shivakumar started her career in banking, but her life took a significant turn at the age of 22 when she got married in 2010 and discovered that her child had Down syndrome. 

Choosing to prioritize her child’s well-being, she made the courageous decision to leave her budding career and become a stay-at-home mother.

Discovering a Niche: Earth Rhythm’s Inception

Driven by her determination and the necessity to find safe products for her child, Harini’s journey led her to become a startup founder. 

Despite the challenges, she persevered, eventually founding Earth Rhythm, a brand that has grown significantly under her leadership.

Building Earth Rhythm: The Early Years

Establishing the business in 2015, Harini took the initiative to promote her niche products directly to consumers by setting up stalls in societies and small-scale exhibitions.

Expanding Horizons: Earth Rhythm’s Growth

In 2019, Earth Rhythm evolved into a full-fledged company with a website and a production unit in Gurgaon.

Through the incorporation of technology, her products gained traction, leading to a remarkable 500-fold growth in just 2 years.

Overcoming Challenges: A Journey of Resilience

Harini’s entrepreneurial journey was anything but conventional. She spent seven years as a homemaker, lacking formal business education and fancy degrees. 

However, her son’s condition ignited her passion to provide better solutions, prompting her to launch her business after her child began attending school.

Education and Evolution: Harini’s Learning Curve

With determination and a thirst for knowledge, Harini pursued education in skincare, completing courses in advanced cosmetic science and retail management.

Revamping the Brand: Earth Rhythm’s Relaunch

She revamped her brand in 2019 with support from her father, who handles finance and sales.

Sustainability and Success: Earth Rhythm’s Ethos

Earth Rhythm operates on the principles of sustainability, using natural materials and implementing a zero-waste policy.

Despite her lack of business knowledge, Harini’s vision and dedication have propelled her company’s success.

Setting Ambitious Goals: Earth Rhythm’s Future

Setting ambitious targets, Earth Rhythm aims to achieve Rs 200 crore in sales by 2023.

A Testament to Resilience: Harini’s Achievements

With nearly $10 million raised in funding, Harini’s story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience in overcoming challenges and building a successful business from the ground up.

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FAQ Related To Harini Shivakumar

Q.1) Is Earth Rhythm an Indian brand?

India’s first homegrown brand that invests in independent clinical trials and research.

At Earth Rhythm, we believe in smart and safe skincare. The products you use should work and be good for your skin and the earth, no exceptions.

Q.2 What is the turnover of Earth Rhythm?

The D2C brand Earth Rhythm touched a revenue of Rs 26.05 crore in FY23.

Q.3) What is Earth Rhythm’s net worth?

According to the latest shareholding report of Earth Rhythm as of June 07, 2022, founders hold 47.94% with a net worth of INR 107Cr.

Founders own the majority of Earth Rhythm shares, accounting for 74.94%, while funds hold 27.39% and enterprises hold 17.88%.

Q.4) Who are the investors in Earth Rhythm?

Earth Rhythm has 3 institutional investors including Anicut Capital, Nykaa, and AG Ventures. Anicut Capital is the largest institutional investor in Earth Rhythm.

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