Traya Secures Rs 75 Crore from Xponentia Capital to Revolutionize Hair Care Solutions

Hair care startup Traya secures Rs 75 crore in funding from Mumbai’s Xponentia Capital, aiming to bolster its innovative approach to combating hair loss.

Traya, founded in 2019 by the dynamic duo Saloni Anand and Altaf Saiyed, boasts a unique blend of Ayurveda, Allopathy, and Nutrition in crafting personalized treatment plans.

These plans, tailored to individual needs, target the underlying causes of hair loss, garnering acclaim from over 2,00,000 satisfied clients.

Traya is the only company in India that provides a holistic treatment for hair loss by targeting its root causes.

They provide personalised plans that are prescribed by doctors with trusted ingredients. More than 2,00,000 customers are on the Traya regime and have seen desired results.

Co-founder Saloni Anand emphasizes the company’s commitment to empowering individuals to regain confidence through effective hair care solutions.

The recent funding injection propels Traya’s mission to provide personalized remedies further.

This investment follows Traya’s previous successful fundraising efforts, including a $2.2 million boost in January 2022 from Fireside Ventures, Kae Capital, and Whiteboard Capital.

Notable earlier backers include Whiteboard Capital, Suhail Sameer, Puneet Kumar, and Kae Capital.

While specifics on fund allocation remain undisclosed, Traya’s solid customer base, exceeding one million, underscores the demand for its products.

Rahul Bahri, Director at Xponentia Capital, lauds Traya’s holistic care approach, affirming the alignment with their strategy to support burgeoning digitally native consumer brands.

With this substantial backing, Traya is poised to continue revolutionizing hair care, offering hope and confidence to countless individuals grappling with hair loss.

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