Meet the IT professional turned Ayurvedic Baby Care Entrepreneur at BabyOrgano, with Rs. 6 crore in revenue.

Introduction Of Riddhi Sharma

Meet Riddhi Sharma, a former IT pro turned mompreneur and founder of BabyOrgano. She started the company in 2020 to make Ayurveda the go-to choice for parents looking after their kids’ health. 

Inspired by her family’s holistic healthcare values, she couldn’t find trustworthy Ayurvedic products for kids, so she created BabyOrgano. 

Today, it’s one of India’s top Ayurvedic brands, focusing on children’s immunity, memory, and overall health. 

Join Riddhi in her mission to strengthen the foundation of Indian kids with Ayurveda!

Riddhi Sharma’s Educational Background

Riddhi Sharma earned her Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from G.H. Patel College of Engineering & Technology. 

Additionally, she obtained her Executive MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Riddhi Sharma’s Early Career 

Riddhi started working right after college. She earned only Rs. 2500 per month, but it was enough for her. 

It made her financially independent, so she didn’t have to ask her parents for money anymore, which made her proud.

At first, she worked as a web developer at an IT company in her city. But then, she realized she loved marketing. So, after about four months, she switched to a marketing role in the same company. 

Her hard work and skills in marketing got her promoted. Now, she even gets to work closely with the company’s founders.

Meeting Ripul Sharma and Building a Future Together

During her time at the firm, Riddhi met Ripul Sharma, who worked at OpenXcel in Ahmedabad. 

They were introduced by a friend for work reasons, but they fell in love and got married.

By 2011, both had climbed up the ladder in their companies—Riddhi became a Team Leader, while Ripul became a Senior Developer & Team Leader.

Riddhi Sharma and her husband, Ripul Sharma
Riddhi Sharma and her husband, Ripul Sharma

Entrepreneurial Ventures: WebPixel Technologies and BabyOrgano

After some time, Riddhi and Ripul decided to start their own businesses. They launched two ventures: WebPixel Technologies and BabyOrgano.

At the age of 25, Riddhi and Ripul started WebPixel Technologies in 2011 with just Rs. 50,000 from their savings.

The company focused on website design and development, mobile app development, SEO services, and web maintenance and hosting.

Initially, it was just the two of them, but soon they hired two developers and a designer to help out. By the end of the first year, they had generated revenue of Rs. 20 lakh.

Balancing full-time jobs and growing WebPixel was challenging for Riddhi and Ripul, especially as they had clients in the USA, which meant working late into the night to cater to their time zone.

This left them with only 3 to 4 hours of sleep each night.

In 2018, Riddhi sharma took a break for maternity leave after welcoming her baby boy.

Concerned about the ingredients in commercial baby products, she turned to her grandmother, who made homemade Ayurvedic products for her baby.

Inspired by her grandmother’s remedies, Riddhi launched BabyOrgano in March 2020 with an initial investment of Rs. 2 lakh, operating from her home.

BabyOrgano is India’s first Ayurvedic baby care brand, focusing on providing hassle-free solutions for common infant, toddler, and kids’ issues.

Riddhi and Ripul, along with their team, are committed to bridging the gap between Ayurveda and modern mothers.

Riddhi transitioned from her role as a team leader to focus on her business full-time, driven by a strong foundation, innovation, problem-solving, and a deep connection to her culture.

BabyOrgano’s Revenue And Investment

During its initial six months, BabyOrgano averaged about Rs. 10,000 monthly, mainly from Gujarat and Maharashtra.

By the end of its first fiscal year (2020-21), the company’s revenue totaled Rs. 8 lakh, marking a significant start.

The subsequent year witnessed remarkable growth, with revenue skyrocketing to Rs. 37 lakh, representing an impressive increase.

Continuing this momentum, BabyOrgano closed the last fiscal year at Rs. 2 crore, marking substantial progress.

Looking ahead, Riddhi sharma projects a robust revenue of Rs. 6 crore for the current fiscal year, indicating a promising trajectory.

Notably, the majority (90%) of BabyOrgano’s sales originate from their website, while the remaining 10% are facilitated by platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

In late August 2023, BabyOrgano secured a pivotal $150K in pre-seed funding led by DevX Venture Fund, reinforcing its growth strategy and market presence.

Riddhi Sharma Advice To Become Leader 

If you want to be a leader someday, there are four key skills to focus on:

📌Solving Problems:

Being able to spot issues, come up with solutions, and make them happen is super important.

Practice by reading about great inventors, spot problems & try fixing them with the problem-solving skills you learned.

📌Talking People Into Things:

It’s not just about selling things. You need to be able to explain your ideas so others get on board. Whether it’s getting money, hiring smart people, or finding partners, good communication is key.

📌Being a Good Leader:

Even if you only lead a few people, you’re still a leader.

It’s not just about making plans and giving orders. You’ve got to understand your team, inspire them, and help them grow.

📌Making Smart Business Choices:

This might sound boring, but it’s crucial. You need to understand financial aspects like accounting and managing cash and know about markets and how businesses work.

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