Ultrahuman Raises $35 Million: What It Means for You

Exciting news from Ultrahuman as they announce raising $35 million as part of their Series B round.

The company expresses gratitude to their users and investors, including Deepinder Goyal, Blume, Nexus, Steadview, and Alpha wave, for their continued belief and support.

With this substantial funding, Ultrahuman is not only celebrating but also recognizing the responsibility it entails.

The company reaffirms its commitment to delivering even more value to its users, employees, and shareholders.

Here are three key areas of focus for Ultrahuman following this successful fundraise:

1. Manufacturing Expertise:

Ultrahuman’s Bengaluru-based UltraFactory is slated for a remarkable 7x expansion in the coming quarters.

The company aims to enhance its manufacturing capabilities, particularly in automation and bio-sensor research, with the vision of establishing it as a premier wearable tech manufacturing facility globally.

2. Human Performance Research:

Ultrahuman’s recent research on the correlation between metabolic score and inflammation has garnered attention for its novelty.

Notably, the study includes non-diabetic individuals and explores a diverse range of blood markers and gut-microbiome indices. Ultrahuman invites researchers to collaborate on furthering this research. Read more:

3. Profitability and IPO:

In a significant milestone, Ultrahuman has achieved profitability recently. Forecasts indicate sustained profitability, driven by efficiency in manufacturing and growth channels.

The company aims to achieve a $100 million run-rate by the end of 2024 and aims to be IPO-ready by the end of 2025. Stay tuned for more updates on this development.

With this new injection of funds and a clear strategic vision, Ultrahuman is poised to accelerate its mission of revolutionizing self-quantification and human performance. Watch out for more groundbreaking advancements from Ultrahuman in the near future.

Muskan, a passionate storyteller and social media manager at Startup Forte. With a talent for sharing impactful founder stories, she invites you to explore inspiring journeys with us.

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