Akanksha Sharma, a 23-year-old Pune girl, and her mom built a Rs 1.2 Cr baby care brand in 2 years

Success Story Of Akanksha Sharma

Meet Akanksha Sharma, a young entrepreneur with a passion for creating something special.

Growing up in a family deeply involved in various businesses, Akanksha inherited an entrepreneurial spirit.

After completing her degree in Design and Management from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles in 2021.

She took a bold step into entrepreneurship at just 23, partnering with her mother to launch CITTA Beauty.

Baby Care with a Twist: Making Things Different

CITTA Beauty isn’t your usual baby care brand. It’s all about making baby powder. shampoo, oil, and balm, but with a cool twist.

Akanksha and her mother decided to use traditional Indian ingredients that are perfect for children, from babies to ten years old.

Moreover, they often utilize traditional ingredients known for their nourishing and healing properties, which resonate well with Indian consumers.

For example, coconut oil, which is easily available in South India, is known to be beneficial for the skin and is well-suited for the region’s climate.

Similarly, almond oil, which is readily available in North India, is known for its nourishing properties.

From Small Beginnings to Big Achievements: Pune to Rs 1.2 Crore Earnings

Akanksha Sharma
Akanksha Sharma, co-founder of CITTA

Starting in Pune with just three people and Rs 50 lakh, CITTA Beauty didn’t stay small for long.

In less than two years, they made a whopping Rs 1.2 crore, and now 16 people are part of the team.

The company’s success is due in part to its unique business model.

CITTA Beauty is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, which means that it sells its products directly to consumers through its website and social media channels.

This allows the company to bypass the traditional retail model, which can often be very expensive.

Another key factor in CITTA Beauty’s success is its focus on quality. The company uses only the finest ingredients in its products, and it has a rigorous quality control process.

This ensures that CITTA Beauty’s products are safe and effective. CITTA Beauty is also committed to sustainability.

The company uses recyclable packaging, and it donates a portion of its profits to environmental charities. 

CITTA Beauty is a great example of a successful small business. 

The company has a unique business model, a focus on quality, and a commitment to sustainability. 

These factors have helped CITTA Beauty grow rapidly and become a leader in the beauty industry.

Learning the ABCs of Business: Doing Things Differently

Akanksha could have taken the easy road and joined her family’s business. But she had bigger dreams. She always wanted to do something on her own.

Instead of jumping into a ready-made business, she chose to learn everything from scratch.

She believed that starting from the beginning teaches you a lot.

A Special Bond: Akanksha and Monisha Sharma, A Duo Redefining Care

Akanksha Sharma with her Monisha Sharma
Akanksha Sharma with her Monisha Sharma

Akanksha and Monisha Sharma, the co-founders and the magical mother-daughter duo, embody the profound connection between a mother and a child.

For Akanksha, the lessons and habits passed down by her mother go beyond business—they delve into the realm of skincare. Skincare, a cherished lesson from her mother, became the heart and soul of CITTA Beauty.

Their shared vision for CITTA Beauty is to blend the richness of the country’s traditional heritage with the convenience every mother seeks in caring for her child. 

Akanksha draws inspiration from the wholesome care provided by her grandmothers, realizing that not every child today has the privilege of such nurturing.

Her mission is to offer babies a nourishing experience, creating memories as fragrant as CITTA for the next generation.

Inspiration Strikes: Grandma’s Recipes for Babies

The idea for CITTA Beauty popped up during a chat with her mom. They were talking about a famous baby powder causing problems. She and her mom discussed this problem at length.

From here, the idea of coming up with a baby product using grandma’s traditional recipes came up.

Use rosewater when you’re out in the sun; oil your hair with coconut oil before you wash it. This was their way of caring for me, even though we were thousands of miles apart. These nuskhes are based on Indian traditions.

Wisdom that Works wanted everyone to experience the love and care that she was fortunate enough to 

to receive. It was a big deal; she knew so many friends and family back in India who were loyal to that brand and using this product for their babies.

These incidents gave her mom and her brother the final push to create a safer brand for babies.

Mashed sweet potatoes with chickpeas and cauliflower Shepherd’s pie (made with beef or lamb and/or lentils or vegetarian mince) with green vegetables.

Poach the protein first, then add milk, broth, or yogurt to soften the mix in the blender or food processor. As they get more comfortable with self-feeding.

Spreading the Word in a Fun Way: Meeting People in Pune

Akanksha Sharma Co- Founder & CEO and Tanay Sharma-COO
Akanksha Sharma Co- Founder & CEO and Tanay Sharma-COO 

Talking about CITTA Beauty is a hands-on job for Akanksha. Every weekend, along with her brother Tanay, she reaches out to different communities in Pune to tell people about their products.

Tanay, who joined her as COO of the company, is getting to know all the different parts of the business.

Care Beyond Products: Akanksha’s Heartfelt Initiative

As a strong advocate for conscious purchasing, CITTA co-founder Akanksha Sharma, in collaboration with the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, took a heartfelt step.

They distributed CITTA Care packages to parents and kids from underprivileged sections of society, embodying the spirit of giving back.

Over 50 children received love akin to a grandmother’s care with the complete range of CITTA’s baby care products.

It’s not just about business for Akanksha, it’s about spreading care and warmth where it’s needed the most.

Akanksha Sharma Journey: Inspiring Lessons for Entrepreneurs Like You

As you read Akanksha’s story, think about your own dreams.

What makes your heart race?

What can you create that brings joy and goodness to others? Akanksha’s journey teaches us that no dream is too big, and challenges are opportunities to learn and grow.

Your journey might be different, but the spirit is the same—go after what you love, learn from every step, and let your passion be the driving force.

The business world is waiting for your unique touch, so take the inspiration from CITTA Beauty and make your mark!

Akanksha Sharma is like a guiding light for all of us.

Her story shows us that when you really want something and don’t give up, you can make anything happen.

If you like hearing about people who succeed, share Akanksha’s story with your friends and family to inspire them too.

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FAQ Section Related To Akanksha Sharma

Q.1) Who is the CEO of Citta?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CITTA is Akanksha Sharma. As the CEO, Akanksha holds a pivotal leadership role, overseeing and guiding the overall strategic direction, operations, and growth of the company.

In addition to being the CEO, Akanksha is also one of the co-founders of CITTA, underscoring her instrumental role in the establishment and formation of the company.

Her leadership and vision contribute significantly to CITTA’s position in the market, reflecting a commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of baby care products.

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