Interview: 21 Questions You Need to Answer for Shark Tank Pitches

Simran Khara Interview: Insights from the Shark Tank Pitch

Welcome to our exclusive interview featuring Simran Khara, the visionary founder of Koparo, who recently showcased her entrepreneurial prowess on Shark Tank India.

In this insightful conversation, she generously shares 21 critical questions essential for mastering your Shark Tank pitch.

As we delve into the intricacies of startup success and entrepreneurship in India, prepare to glean invaluable insights to elevate your pitch game.

Get ready for an in-depth discussion on entrepreneurial interview questions and Shark Tank interviews.

Note: Registrations will open this summer for the next season, so keep your eyes and ears open for that form.

Here’s us paying it forward:

1. Tell us about yourself. (Make it interesting and relevant to what you are doing now.)

2. Why did you start this? Why now or then, i.e., whenever you started? (Personal story)

3. How large is your market opportunity? (Note that this is not a category size but an addressable market today.)

4. What’s different about your product or USP?

5. What is the consumer need or desire that you are solving?

6. Why did you name your company or product ABC?

7. Who is your target customer? (Describe them as people, e.g., where they live and what they do.) Why and how do they discover you?

8. Who are the competitors? (Know names and numbers; if it is an estimate, say so.) Why will you win?

9. How are you priced? (Have ready comparisons with other products on the market.)

10. What is your name? What are the trends shaping your category?

11. Tell us about your team. (How many? What roles? Background and details of co-founders

12. If co-founders, then how do you divide roles and resolve conflict when it arises? (Be authentic)

13. About your business: product portfolio, product formulation, packaging design, hero products, channel-wise revenue, revenues for the last 3 fiscals, 3 months, and more, if you can remember!

14. Economics: gross margin, AOV, CAC, contribution margin 1 and 2, performance marketing, overheads, EBITDA, cash burn—on average, for the last 3 months and last fiscal. When will you be profitable, and how?

(Work the above in percentages and actual Rs based on your AOV.)

15. Retention: what do you do? tools you use? Repeat rates and retention cohorts for a few months prior

16. Money raised, money burned, capitalization table, names of key investors, if any

17. What salary do you draw? What money have you personally invested in the business?

18. What are your plans for the business in the next 1, 3, and 5 years?

19. Why have you come to Shark Tank? Who are your dream sharks, and why?

20. If you raise the money, how will you spend it?

21. What is your biggest challenge personally and professionally, and can the sharks help?

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