Tarun Jami’s GreenJams: Leading Carbon-Negative Construction Innovations

Inspirational Story of Tarun Jami

Tarun Jami, a visionary entrepreneur from Vizag, India, founded GreenJams, an award-winning cleantech startup at the forefront of developing carbon-negative building materials from crop residues and industrial by-products.

Education and Early Innovations

Tarun earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the School of Engineering and Technology – Jain University.

He then pursued a master’s in Environmental Science at Gujarat Forensic Science University, Gandhinagar, and completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at RMIT University.

His journey into sustainable construction began during his civil engineering studies, where he explored the potential of hempcrete—a mixture of hemp and lime—as a sustainable building material.

This pioneering work led to the development of the world’s strongest hempcrete technology. Building on this foundation, Tarun introduced Agrocrete in 2019, GreenJams’ flagship product renowned for its carbon-negative properties.

Founding GreenJams and Mission

GreenJams was established in 2017 to transform the construction industry’s approach to climate change.

The company addresses two critical environmental challenges: the significant carbon emissions (45%) attributed to buildings globally and the annual disposal or burning of 2 billion tonnes of agricultural waste in India.

Recognition and Achievements

Tarun’s innovative approach and leadership have garnered significant recognition. He was honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia recipient in 2019 and named an INK Fellow in 2018.

GreenJams has also received accolades such as the Energy & Environment Startup of the Year award in 2022, underscoring its impact and leadership in sustainability.

Ambitious Goals and Vision

The company has set ambitious targets, aiming to cover 1 billion square feet of built-up area with Agrocrete by 2025.

Additionally, GreenJams seeks to capture 50% of the Indian bricks and blocks market and 10% of the global market share, with a revenue target of $5 billion within a decade.

Lessons Learned and Advice

Tarun’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by perseverance through failures, which he views as crucial learning experiences.

He advises young entrepreneurs to be “skeptical optimists,” focusing on long-term goals while maintaining a sense of humility and adaptability.


Tarun Jami has established GreenJams as a trailblazing cleantech startup, leading the charge in decarbonizing the construction industry through innovative, carbon-negative building materials.

His commitment to sustainability and visionary leadership continue to drive GreenJams towards groundbreaking achievements in environmental stewardship and global impact.

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