Meet the eco-friendly intimate care brand for women that offers intimate hygiene products and sanitary pads

Success Story Of Tanvi Johri

New Delhi-based Tanvi Johri co-founded Carmesi (meaning “crimson” in Spanish) with Rikshav Bohra, aiming to create a premium, biodegradable sanitary pad product for women.

Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber and corn starch, Johri is on a mission to combat period shaming.

Identifying the Problem

Tanvi Johri, a chemistry honors graduate from Hindu College, New Delhi, suffered from persistent rashes caused by synthetic sanitary pads for years.

Carmesi Founder Tanvi Johri
Tanvi Johri, Founder Of Carmesi

“As a woman, you’re taught if it’s on the face, then go to a doctor,” says Johri, highlighting the tendency to overlook women’s health issues.

Research and Realization

Between 2015 and 2016, while working at a travel portal and a hyper-local marketplace, Johri researched the cause of her rashes.

She discovered that most sanitary pads are made from synthetic components, including plastic, which can lead to infections, allergies, and rashes.

Johri also identified issues with the disposal of traditional pads, often requiring women to use tissue papers and newspapers.

Launching Elize (Now Known As Carmesi)

In January 2017, Johri launched Elize, offering synthetic yet softer sanitary pads.

Priced at ₹1,299 for a pack of 30 pads including a disposal bag, Elize received valuable feedback from 4,000 customers, prompting Johri to pivot her business strategy.

Rebranding to Carmesi

Eleven months later, Johri rebranded her product to Carmesi, meaning crimson in Spanish.

These pads, made from bamboo fiber and corn starch, were priced at ₹749 per pack—still 2 to 2.5 times the cost of regular sanitary pads.

Despite the higher price, Carmesi quickly gained a loyal customer base of around 70,000, with 40% of sales coming from Tier II cities.

Expanding Carmesi

Carmesi’s product line now includes plant-based rash-free pads, disposable period panties, tampons, menstrual cup sterilizers, and other period care and self-care items.

The brand has become a leader in the Indian period care market, with 60% of its customer base in metro and tier-1 cities.

In 2020, Carmesi was acquired by online shopping and cosmetics company Purplle, which achieved unicorn status in 2022.


Johri plans to expand Carmesi’s offline presence and innovate with new intimate hygiene products.

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Securing Funding and Inspiring Others

Johri’s premium natural and biodegradable sanitary pad brand, Carmesi, raised $500,000 in its pre-Series A round of funding from a group of investors, including Sunil Kalra.

The round was led by Samrath Bedi, managing director of luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand Forest Essentials.

Other investors included Satveer Singh Thakral, founder of the Singapore Angel Network; Mahesh Patel, chairman of CPL Group; Rohit Reddy, managing director of the Reddy Group; and Samir Saran, CEO of the KCT Group.

Existing investors Sunil Kalra and Arun Venkatachalam from the Chennai-based Murugappa Group, who had invested in Carmesi’s seed round in May 2017, also participated.

Kalra, impressed by Johri’s determination and resilience, believes she will inspire many women to pursue entrepreneurship. “I’m impressed with Tanvi’s grit and never-say-die attitude,” says Kalra.


Forbes 30 Under 30 – Asia – Retail & E-commerce (2019)


Tanvi Johri’s journey from personal struggle to entrepreneurial success with Carmesi showcases her innovative spirit and dedication to women’s health.

Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs, illustrating the impact of addressing overlooked issues with determination and creativity.

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