PV Sindhu Joins Wellness Brand Hoop as Strategic Investor and Brand Ambassador

PV Sindhu, the celebrated Indian badminton player and two-time Olympic medalist, has partnered with wellness brand Hoop as both a strategic investor and brand ambassador.

This collaboration marks a significant step for Sindhu, who announced her involvement with Hoop on LinkedIn, emphasizing her belief in the brand’s mission and her personal endorsement of its products.

Founded in 2022, Hoop stands out as India’s pioneer wellness brand dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle through its range of natural products.

These offerings cater to pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep support, addressing essential aspects of holistic health.

Sindhu’s decision to invest in Hoop is poised to accelerate the brand’s growth trajectory.

The funds will bolster various areas, including expansive marketing campaigns, talent acquisition, and the enhancement of distribution channels nationwide.

PV Sindhu’s Commitment to Wellness and Peak Performance

PV Sindhu’s association with Hoop underscores her commitment to optimizing pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep quality, crucial for maintaining peak athletic performance.

As a renowned athlete, Sindhu’s endorsement carries significant weight in promoting Hoop’s products and mission.

Saharsh Agarwal Welcomes PV Sindhu to the Hoop Family

Co-founder Saharsh Agarwal expressed his delight in welcoming Sindhu to the Hoop family, highlighting her embodiment of trust, belief, and relentless dedication in Indian sports.

PV Sindhu’s Investment in Hoop and Industry Trends

Sindhu’s investment mirrors a broader trend among prominent athletes and celebrities diversifying their portfolios beyond their primary fields of expertise.

This move not only enhances her personal brand but also strengthens Hoop’s market position in the competitive wellness industry.


PV Sindhu’s partnership with Hoop signifies a powerful synergy between sports excellence and holistic wellness.

As both investor and ambassador, Sindhu’s influence will undoubtedly propel Hoop towards greater heights in promoting active living and overall well-being.

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