Niharika Jain Agrawal (Interview) : What Makes a Winning Founding Team?

Niharika Jain Agrawal Interview

Building a successful startup isn’t just about having a great idea; it’s about having the right team to execute that idea.

Here at Broomees India, we’ve discovered several key elements that make a founding team truly exceptional.

Here’s what we believe makes a winning founding team:

1. Healthy Conflicts and Resolution

At Broomees India, Vaibhav, Saurav, and I don’t shy away from conflicts. We argue, debate, and challenge each other until we reach the best conclusion.

We believe in constructive disagreement rather than agreeing just for the sake of it. This approach ensures that our decisions are well thought out and robust.

2. Stakeholder-Focused

Balancing diverse interests is key. Saurav, with his NGO background, is deeply committed to worker welfare.

I am obsessed with customer satisfaction and excellence, and Vaibhav provides the perfect balance between these two perspectives.

This stakeholder-focused approach helps us address the needs of our employees and customers effectively.

3. Diverse Temperaments

Each of us has a unique temperament and leadership style. This diversity enriches our collaboration, allowing us to learn from each other every day.

Saurav’s calm and empathetic nature complements my driven and customer-focused approach, while Vaibhav’s strategic mindset keeps us grounded and balanced.

4. Honesty and Openness

We value transparency and open communication. We share our thoughts and ideas candidly, without any formality, which helps us create a culture of trust and authenticity.

This openness ensures that no issue goes unaddressed and that everyone is on the same page.

5. Strong Personal Bonds

Beyond work, we are great friends. This friendship strengthens our bond and enhances our teamwork, making us resilient and united.

Our personal relationships ensure that we support each other through the ups and downs of the startup journey.

Finding the Right Partners

People often ask me where to find such partners. I always tell them that some of your best friends make for the best business partners.

These people could be your friends from school, college, classes, etc.

Strong personal bonds combined with professional skills can create a powerful and successful founding team.


A winning founding team is built on healthy conflicts, a focus on stakeholders, diverse temperaments, honesty, openness, and strong personal bonds.

At Broomees India, these elements have helped us build a resilient and successful team. If you’re looking to start your own venture, consider these factors when choosing your co-founders.

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