Huma Qureshi Invests in Vernacular Dating App Flutrr

Huma Qureshi, a well-known Indian actress, has made headlines by investing in the vernacular dating app Flutrr.

This move shows her interest in supporting innovative startups and highlights the importance of vernacular platforms in India’s digital world.

In this blog post, we will look at Huma Qureshi’s investment, the unique features of Flutrr, and how this partnership might change the dating app market.

Huma Qureshi’s Strategic Investment

Huma Qureshi’s investment in Flutrr is a big deal for the Kolkata-based startup.

Although the exact amount of the investment is not known, her involvement brings both money and more attention to the app.

Huma shared her belief in Flutrr’s mission and her excitement about being part of a platform that helps people communicate better across India.

Flutrr: India’s First Vernacular Dating App

Founded in 2021 by Kaushik Banerjee and Anirban Banerjee, Flutrr is India’s first dating app that lets users talk in their preferred languages, including English, Hindi, and Bengali.

This feature is great for people in smaller cities, where language differences can make online communication difficult.

Flutrr plans to add eight more Indian languages soon, including four South Indian languages, to reach even more users.

The Power of Vernacular Platforms

In a country as diverse as India, vernacular platforms like Flutrr are changing how people communicate online.

By letting users connect in their native languages, Flutrr makes interactions more engaging and meaningful.

This focus on local languages meets the growing need for personalized content and services, making Flutrr a leader in the dating app market.

Flutrr’s Impressive Growth and User Base

Since its launch, Flutrr has grown rapidly. The app has over 4.5 lakh weekly active users and more than 9 lakh downloads.

Flutrr’s success is due to its unique matching algorithms that connect people based on astrology and numerology, as well as its pay-per-use model that offers premium features through small payments.

Huma Qureshi’s Role as Brand Ambassador

Besides investing, Huma Qureshi will also be Flutrr’s brand ambassador.

Her involvement is expected to increase the app’s popularity and trustworthiness, attracting more users and investors.

As a respected figure in Indian entertainment, Huma’s support adds great value to Flutrr’s brand.

Future Plans and Expansion

With Huma Qureshi’s support, Flutrr aims to grow faster and expand its presence.

The startup has already raised about Rs 2 crore from notable investors.

The recent funding round also included angel investors like Sandeep Bhattacharya, former Global CMO of Hoechst and Merck, and Yogesh Mishra, Director of PayPal USA.


Huma Qureshi’s investment in Flutrr is a major step forward for the vernacular dating app.

With her influence and resources, Flutrr is set to become a big success across India, helping people connect across different languages and regions.

As the app continues to grow and innovate, it will play a key role in shaping the future of online dating in India.

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