Doodle Kabra: Transforming Stories into Timeless Art

The Story Behind Doodle Kabra

Doodle Kabra began in 2021, during the global pandemic, a time that offered an opportunity for profound reflection and rediscovery of passions. Amidst the uncertainty, a long-dormant love for doodling was rekindled. 

Inspired by vivid stories shared by a beloved Nani and father, this creative outlet, once set aside, found new life.

Transitioning from a career as an Intermediate CA and Sales & Marketing Professional to establishing Doodle Kabra marked a bold departure from the conventional path, embraced with unwavering determination. 

The journey, fueled by a belief in spreading smiles and endless happiness, saw the creation of doodles that speak in character, emotion, fun, and love.

Our Unique Approach

Doodle Kabra redefines storytelling through visually compelling, handcrafted doodles. Each piece is meticulously customized to celebrate the unique journey of every individual.

This is more than art; it’s a transformative experience that turns memories into cherished masterpieces.

Doodle Kabra

What sets Doodle Kabra apart is the dedication to capturing personal stories in a way that resonates deeply with recipients. 

From creating nostalgic journeys for the elderly to capturing the essence of someone’s life in a single piece of art, Doodle Kabra’s work is about crafting narratives that resonate deeply with the recipient.

It’s all handmade because every story is unique and cannot be templated.

Notable Projects and Collaborations

Over the past three years, Doodle Kabra has partnered with renowned personalities and leading business groups, creating a lasting impact.

One particularly remarkable project began with a simple Instagram DM and culminated in a bespoke doodle for a high-profile individual. 

This experience underscored the boundless potential of passion and creativity.

Furthermore, the introduction of doodling as a subject in schools and the creation of vibrant doodle walls have been significant milestones, fostering innovative thinking among students. 

These collaborations have demonstrated the power of doodling to connect, inspire, and transform.

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Messages and Insights

The essence of Doodle Kabra lies in defying norms and embracing creativity. It champions the courage to take that first step, to break free from societal expectations—because it’s better to be audacious than to remain idle. 

In a world where everyone is chasing external validation, Doodle Kabra embodies the spirit of being one’s own venture capitalist.

With faith, boldness, an insatiable hunger for innovation, and a fearless embrace of the unconventional, Doodle Kabra continues to inspire and transform. 

The message is clear: be bold, stay hungry, and dare to be different.

This ethos not only drives Doodle Kabra but also aims to inspire others to follow their passions and make a difference through creativity.

Atul Kabra shared her knowledge at TEDxChristULavasa

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