Meet the Sisters Who Turned ₹20k into a Multi-Million Handmade Apparel Brand

In a market where genuine handmade products are usually pricey, Chowkhat is changing the story.

This pioneering brand, founded by sisters Anuja and Pratanksha Gupta, aims to make top-notch, handcrafted apparel both accessible and affordable, challenging the belief that quality handmade items have to be costly.

Anuja Gupta completed her graduation in English Honors from Delhi University, followed by a Diploma in English Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC).

Ms. Anuja Gupta, Founder and CEO Chowkhat
Anuja Gupta, Founder and CEO Chowkhat

She gained extensive experience working with multiple advertising agencies and as a freelancer on Fiverr, where she achieved top-seller status.

Leveraging her diverse background and expertise, she eventually ventured into entrepreneurship.

Pratanksha Gupta completed her graduation from NIIFT, Mohali in 2018.

Following her graduation, she worked at a company in Ludhiana, where she designed T-shirts.

Ms. Pratanksha Gupta, Co-Founder Chowkhat
Pratanksha Gupta, Co-Founder Chowkhat

After gaining experience and doing some freelance work, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by founding Chowkhat with her sister.

The onset of COVID-19 hit just one month after Chowkhat was launched. Despite receiving orders, it was only Anuja Gupta and her sister managing the operations. During this challenging time, their house help, Sudha, joined the team.

With limited work available due to the pandemic and the financial needs of her two children unmet, Sudha was in a difficult position.

Chowkhat provided her with comprehensive training, enabling her to support her children’s education.

As the sole breadwinner of her family, with her husband no longer living with her, Sudha’s journey from house help to a key member of the Chowkhat team is remarkable.

What began with a modest investment of ₹20,000 has now blossomed into a flourishing business with a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) close to ₹1 crore. Chowkhat is now a ₹20 crore company committed to affordability, craftsmanship, and social impact.

Community-Driven Beginnings and Rapid Growth

The brand’s first collection saw most of their initial funding go towards high-quality materials and production. Instead of a big marketing push, they kept things lean, relying on the creativity and support of their inner circle for things like photos and promotion.

This community-driven approach gave their brand a strong foundation, built on authenticity and a sense of shared effort.

Anuja, Co-founder and CEO, reflects on this period: “Our launch wasn’t just our doing, it was a team effort. We had a limited budget, so we leaned on the generosity and skills of our friends and family. It made the whole experience even more special.”

Chowkhat Team
Chowkhat Team

They started small, bringing in just ₹20,000 a month. But last year, things really took off. Their annual revenue went from ₹50 lakhs to hitting that same number every month! And now having an MRR of ₹1 crore!

This impressive jump was fueled by a stronger product collection, smarter marketing, and a team that’s fully invested in the brand.

Pratanksha, the other co-founder and Anuja’s younger sister, is thrilled with the growth: “We knew we had potential, but this surge in sales is amazing!

It’s a real credit to our team’s hard work and the quality of our products.”

Impacting Lives Through Opportunity

The company provides a path forward for over 40 women, many of whom previously worked as domestic helpers. They offer training and opportunities, giving these women a chance to build a career.

This dedication to social good extends to the heart of their business – the 3,000 artisans, mainly from Lucknow.

Chowkhat recognizes these craftspeople as the foundation of their brand’s success. By ensuring timely payments and financial security, Chowkhat helps to create a sustainable livelihood for these artisans.

As Anuja explains, “Chowkhat isn’t just about making beautiful clothes. It’s about creating opportunities and giving back to the communities we work with. We’re honored to be a part of that positive change.”

Sapna’s journey from household chores to becoming an integral part of the team and a model highlights the transformative power of opportunity.

Her story perfectly captures Chowkhat’s mission of nurturing dreams and helping everyone shine.

Future Growth and Sustainability

While not actively seeking external funding at the moment, Chowkhat is open to investment opportunities in the near future.

The intended purpose for such funding would be to bolster inventory, particularly as the brand expands its presence on major platforms like Myntra.

Higher inventory levels are essential to meet growing demand and achieve ambitious revenue goals.

“We’re not just thinking about today,” says Pratanksha. “We’re planning for the future, and that means making sure we have the resources to grow sustainably.”

Chowkhat’s commitment to quality, affordability, and social impact continues to drive its success in the competitive fashion market, setting a new standard for handmade apparel.

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FAQ: Related To Anuja Gupta and Pratanksha Gupta And Chowkhat

Q.1) Is Chowkhat Indian Brand?

Yes, Chowkhat is an Indian brand founded by sisters Anuja and Pratanksha Gupta.

Q.2) Is Chowkhat good brand?

Yes, Chowkhat is a respected brand known for its quality handmade apparel and positive social impact.

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